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The Royal Visions is a premier Online Language Academy specializing in English language education. Our institution is dedicated to nurturing linguistic proficiency from the early stages of childhood to professional development and career enhancement. With a diverse range of programs tailored to different age groups and skill levels, we are committed to empowering students with the tools they need to excel in English communication.

The Royal Visions

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At The Royal Visions, we offer a structured enrollment process to ensure that our students get the most out of their learning experience. Our enrollment process consists of three key stages: Trial Enrollment, Lesson Enrollment, and Returning Enrollment. Each stage is designed to facilitate student progression and achievement of their educational goals.

Course Enrollment

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1-hour lesson

The trial enrollment phase is designed to assess and welcome new students to our educational community.

During this session, students will receive a one-hour lesson that serves as an introduction to our teaching methods and curriculum.

The primary goal is to evaluate the student's learning style and preferences, helping us determine the perfect lesson plan that suits their needs and objectives.




14 days per month

This stage is accessible to students who have completed the trial lesson and have decided to continue their educational journey with us.

The lesson enrollment period, spanning 14 days each month, is carefully tailored to align with the specific objectives set by the student.

We work closely with each individual to develop a lesson plan that is perfectly suited to their goals.

14 days per month

Applicable to students who wish to maintain their lessons or continue with their educational journey after the initial 14-day lesson enrollment period.

Students who decide to continue with their lessons will subscribe to another 14-day lesson enrollment period for the following month.

This structure ensures continuity and consistency in their learning process. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment to education extends beyond traditional classrooms. The Royal Visions goes the extra mile by providing professional English lessons to working individuals, facilitating their growth and career advancement. Our Interview Preparation lessons ensure that our students are job-ready and equipped with effective communication skills for the corporate world. We recognize the importance of English in the global job market and strive to enhance the professional prospects of our learners.


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